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We need your help

With their livelihood heavily dependent on tourism and product buyers, the 37 families in SMILE Village have taken a hard hit due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic

Design For Good shipping will resume after the WFH (Work From Home) notice has ended. Meanwhile, do continue to support us and the Cambodian families. We will send out orders as soon as the notice has been lifted. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.    

37 families used to live in the slum and through the effort of Solutions To End Poverty, they moved in to Smile Village in 2016-2017 and gained their livelihoods through acquired new skill and gainful employment.  


Unfortunately, due to Covid19, many jobs were lost and the breadwinners of these 37 families were affected as well. Jobless, they no longer have protection of income nor the means to bring food on table. 


We are raising money to support these families, food and water rationing will be done by volunteers who work with STEP to make sure every household is given the sufficient amount of following items: 

  1. Food 

  2. Clean water

  3. Medical emergency

  4. Medical supply

  5. Security of the village 


To support these families, STEP needs to raise USD30,000 to sustain these families for next 6 months. 


You can play your part in supporting these families by purchasing handmade products that they have done. All of their products are listed on our website and 100% of the profits will be transferred to the community facilitators who worked with STEP and affected families in Smile Village to ensure the supply is evenly distributed to each household. 

As we protect ourselves against Covid-19, let's not forget the more vulnerable community in the world. Let's reach out our hands and make a difference for them.


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