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about us

Jeans For Change is a project brought to you by Make The Change and involves the upcycling and redesigning of jeans. 

We collect old or pre-loved jeans, and partner with Threads of Courage to give these jeans a new life - refashioning them into new products such as tote bags and pouches.






The fashion waste crisis

Fashion wastage brings about water wastage

  • Approximately 6800 litres of water are required to grow enough cotton to produce ONE pair of jeans; another 1500 litres of water is used to manufacture it.

Why jeans? 

  • From the pesticides and insecticides used to grow cotton to the massive amounts of water, energy, and chemicals used to process the materials and turn them into denim, jeans rank as one of the least eco-friendly clothing items to make.

uplifting disadvantaged women

We partner with Threads of Courage to uplift and empower disadvantaged women who may be unable to find secure employment due to a variety of personal circumstances. 

Each pair of jeans at Jeans For Change is a hand reached out to these disadvantaged women. Involving the women in this project also gives them the freedom of expression in designing and embroidery. 

Build a circular economy

MTC aims to start and make a change through taking the first step and inspiring others to do the same.


Through Jeans For Change, we hope to catalyse a sustainable cycle by inspiring corporates to consider marginalised groups and the environment in their course of action. 


of courage

by Fei Yue Family Service Centre

Threads of Courage is a community project targeted at individuals who are unable to secure permanent employment due to health or family circumstances, yet still keen to learn new skills to earn a supplementary income for their families. 

Threads of Courage believes in empowering these individuals to take control and change their situations, as well as providing sustainable forms of help that allows their clients to adopt the “I can do it” attitude. These individuals are equipped with sewing skills to make products which would be sold to the public on our website. Parts of the profits earned from this project will go to these disadvantaged women and serve as a sustainable avenue of income for them.

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Our new collections [Jeans For Change] and [M.A.D. School] are now available. Check them out today!

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