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Make The Change is a social enterprise that took on the social entrepreneurship angle to fill in the gaps within the creative community while advocating for a “design for good” culture and mindset. With their tagline “Take The Chance, Make The Change”, they believe in empowering and transforming the community through design. 


With similar values, Design For Good collaborates with Make The Change to produce T-Shirts imprinted with their tagline, emanating familiarity and pride for like-minded individuals when they don the shirt. Profits made will be plough back into Make The Change learning programmes to further impact the public and spread the culture of “design for good”.

Value Driven

They aim to cultivate a mindset of addressing the gaps within the creative community with a design created for good, sharing similar values with Design For Good.

Profit Plough Back

The profits made will be plough back into Make The Change, funding for their learning programmes to further instill and build the culture where design is used and made for the social good. 

Our new collections [Jeans For Change] and [M.A.D. School] are now available. Check them out today!

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