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The Krafters are a team of 19 amazing individuals from SMILE Village in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Their families used to live in shanties made from sheets of metal surrounded by landfills, and made their living by combing through piles of trash. After being relocated to SMILE Village, they picked up sustainable skills like sewing and woodworking. In collaboration with Design For Good, they learn, practise and develop their handicraft skills for financial independence. 

For each and every thread woven seamlessly, every seemingly insignificant step counts. Intricately, it mirrors our Krafters take baby steps to achieve their dreams braid by braid, brick by brick. You can help weave out their home. This dream is just a click away.




- Financial Planning

- Debt Management 

- Budgeting

- Saving



- Quality Check 

- Colour Combination

- Material Sourcing

- Co-Creation

- Trend Analysis

Ethically Handcrafted

Our rugs, tote bags, laptop sleeves, pouches, coasters, journal covers, and handphone stands are meticulously hand-crafted by the 19 individuals from SMILE Village. Majority of the materials used to create these products are upcycled fabrics and wood pallets. 


Plough Back

The profits earned are used to provide training for the Krafters to further develop their handicraft skills. It is also a step closer to realising their dreams of owning their home and land.

Our new collections [Jeans For Change] and [M.A.D. School] are now available. Check them out today!

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