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Xscape is a student-initiated project, dedicated to changing the perspectives of the community towards individuals. Passionate about raising awareness for the visually handicapped community, the alumni from Pioneer Junior College birthed out the idea of designing escape rooms in complete darkness. Participants who enter the escape rooms have to navigate their way out with a walking stick to stimulate how the blind get about their daily lives. The experience allows participants to empathise with the beneficiaries and hopefully change their perspective on the visually impaired people. Profits from their T-Shirt sales goes to supporting organisations that serve the blind community. 


Since the launched of their project, they have sold more than 150 T-Shirts in their school. Design For Good saw their passion and potential and brought them on board the marketplace. Working closely with us, they are able to learn, grow and further establish their entrepreneur skills. A T-Shirt purchased from you is an affirmation to the alumni’s passion as well as a contribution to a more empathetic community.    




- Business Management

- Design Thinking

- Finance

- Sales



- Quality Check 

- Material Sourcing

- Design

- Liasion



- Event Planning

- Communication 

- Collaboration

- Storytelling


Xscape actively promotes awareness for the visually impaired community by engaging students and the public in its escape room, which is designed to be navigated in complete darkness. The experience allows participants to empathise with their beneficiaries and create a mindset shift about the visually impaired people.


Plough Back

A percentage of the profit earned will be used to run the escape room, while another portion will be donated to organisations serving the visually handicapped community.

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