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They do not have enough to begin with. Urbanisation forced them out of these barely-enough homes.
Their lives took to a turn when Pour un sourire d’Enfant (PSE) and Solutions to End Poverty (STEP) joined hands to build them a home.


If housing was their first step, then a sustainable livelihood would be the next battle to fight.    
For each and every thread woven seamlessly, every seemingly insignificant step counts. Intricately, it mirrors our Krafters take baby steps to achieve their dreams braid by braid, brick by brick. 
You can help weave out their home. This dream is just a click away.

Meet the Sewing Krafters

Pan Phearith

She is a teacher on the sewing team. She wants to teach her team members how to measure, cut and sew. She wants her team members to have the skill to survive independently.

Sum Sao

She works at Smile Village. She wants to have her own land and house.

Keo Sivorn

She is married to a mentally unwell man. She has 10 children with him. She is the team leader on the sewing team.

Am Sem

She wants her children to go to school and graduate from university. she wants her own land and house.

Srey Mom

She has 4 children. She used to work as a scavenger before coming to smile village. She wants her own land and house.

Earm Kimsreang

She works for Solutions to end Poverty (STEP). She wants to have her own land and home. 

Meet The Rug Krafters

Kong Pov

She is the teacher on the rug making team. She wants to stay home and grow vegetables in her land. She wants to start her home-laundry business so that she can take care of her children at home.

Lan Neng

She is a widow and she lives with her daughter. She used to sell Khmer cakes before coming to Smile Village.

Sun Phany

She wants her children to go to university. she wants her own land and house.

Leng Samen

She has 3 daughters. She wants her own land and home.

Prach Ty

She wants her own permanent home and land; she does not want to keep moving around. She does not want her children to follow into her footsteps.

Keo Srey

She used to sell noodles in the province before coming to Smile Village. She wants to earn $150USD per month to provide for her family.

Un Saveurn

She wants to earn enough money to have her own land to sell vegetables at her home. She wants her husband to become a tuktuk driver so they can earn more money.

Rus Sareurn

She needs to repay her debt of $2500 USD. She needs money to repair her husband’s tuktuk – without it, he cannot go back to work.

Meet The Wood Krafters

Ben Srin

He is the woodcraft team leader. He wants to get proper  machine to train his people. He also wants to learn from professional trainers to improve his skill. He wants his own house and land. He has 8 children. He had problems with drinking but after accepting Christ he is in a better place.

Pan Phorn

He wants his own land to plant vegetables when he gets older. He wants a proper house to live in.

Heng Sitheurn

He is mentally unwell. He wants to have enough money for his medical expenses and for him to have his own land and house.

Prom Vannak

He wants to get a proper machine for woodcraft. He wants to be trained by a professional teacher to improve his skills.

Pen Sivanthorn

His daughters were made to work in factories because he could not afford to send them to school. He regrets not being able to take care of his children.

Van Sokhorn

He is in debt of $600 USD. He works as a scavenger at night when he finishes work at the woodshed.

What is my dream, you ask?


If dreams are anything concrete, I will dream a dream.
I will rest my head gently on my pillow in peace, at night. 
 I dream my husband will be saved from his drinking problem.
I dream for a shelter over our heads,
Where it is all safe.



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