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Gift the joy of Christmas thrice with these 5 handmade products!

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For all its’ joy and jingle, Christmas can be quite the frustrating occasion; tiring even, with the multitude of chores to do as the occasion nears — yet, nothing is especially vexing as getting the right gift for friends and family.

Giving someone a gift for gifting’s sake is something we’re all guilty of, and while it’s a well-intentioned gesture, the hands which made the gift you bought and mother nature might say otherwise.

So why not, in the spirit of Christmas, get a gift that spreads love even further? At Design for Good, our gifts are not just simple trinkets courtesy of our industrious Krafters at Cambodia’s SMILE Village — they are aspirations for a better future for families in Cambodia, and a commitment to ensuring a cleaner, greener tomorrow for the generations that come after us.

Every product is a gift of love not only to your loved ones, but to those whose hands made these gifts possible, and to mother nature.

With DFG, give a gift that gives thrice with these 5 handmade products this Christmas!

1. Merry-Go-Round (SGD 119.90)

The highlight of our collection, Merry-Go-Round puts a creative spin on traditional Cambodian weaving and features more complex, spiralling patterns in an unconventional circle shape. Every weave is carefully made to evoke a consistent pattern throughout the generous 80cm-wide rug; the elegance of the patterns is made possible only with the skilled workmanship and dedication of our Krafters.

Look no further for a gift of perfection this Christmas. If the colour scheme isn’t to your fancy, check out the calmer hues of Winter Wonderland!

2. Olaf’s Rug (SGD 69.90)

Do you want to build a snowman? Drawing inspiration from the well-loved character of Frozen, This rug is arguably the closest physical manifestation of a melted Olaf under the sizzling Singapore sun. A jolly addiction into any space, Olaf’s rug is a great gift idea to convey your gratitude to someone special for the past year because some people are just worth melting for.

3. Polar Express (SGD 69.90)

If someone close to you’s moving into a new apartment this Christmas, why not add a finishing touch or two with a nifty Polar Express? Deceptively simple, our handwoven rugs adhere to traditional Cambodian weaving techniques with a minimalist style. Laying out the beauty of timeless art, Polar Express spans a spacious area of 805mm by 710mm, and functions as an inviting conversational starter for every guest.

For a sweeter and more festive hue, why not check out Cinnamon Roll as well?

4. Handcrafted Wood Stand (SGD 15.90)

Know someone who’s a super fan of lettering or a tad more serious about their writing act? This is one gift you cannot miss. Up-cycled from industrial pallets and sporting a simple finish, our multipurpose wood stand is crafted with quality pine Know someone who’s a super fan of lettering or a tad more serious about their writing act?

This is one gift you cannot miss. Up-cycled from industrial pallets and sporting a simple finish, our multipurpose wood stand is crafted with quality pine patterned with unique wood grain.

Embodying the wabi-sabi world view of transience and imperfection, it is a all-in-one workstation — slots are carefully carved to fit standard ink bottles and most pens. If a pen doesn’t quite work out, name-cards fit just as nicely too!

5. Handmade Journal (SGD 19.90)

With so many distractions today, it’s little surprise that journaling is making a huge comeback. A tried-and-tested productivity booster, having a simple journal constantly on hand provides a convenient space to anchor and organise your thoughts amidst the relentless chaos of everyday life - A perfect companion for just about anyone in today’s fast-paced world. Eco-friendly, the reusable journal cover also comes with two notebook inserts.

6. Christmas Coasters (SGD 10)

Anddddd we added a sixth cos we didn't want you to miss out. Everyone knows that cups and coasters make best buddies, but DFG’s Christmas coasters will keep even your heart all warm and fuzzy! Upcycled from leftover fabrics and meticulously hand-sewn by our dedicated Krafters, each DFG Christmas coaster showcases our commitment to achieving environmental and social sustainability with creativity.  Each and every coaster bears a unique human touch - a story only you are privy to, embedded with every thread.

Christmas is all about the spirit of giving, and here at DFG, every gift takes love and hope a stretch further. Whether a rug or coaster catches your fancy, every product is a gift that gives thrice - perfect for making Christmas a little warmer and fuzzier this 2017. ;)

Our new collections [Jeans For Change] and [M.A.D. School] are now available. Check them out today!



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