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  • If someone close to you’s moving into a new apartment this new year, why not add a finishing touch or two with a nifty Polar Express? Deceptively simple, our handwoven rugs adhere to traditional Cambodian weaving techniques with a minimalist style. Laying out the beauty of timeless art, Polar Express spans a spacious area of 860mm by 860mm, and functions as an inviting conversational starter for every guest.


    Proceeds are used to support more villagers in learning new skills, where they can produce quality custom-made products for a sustainable livelihood. 

    Polar Express (Big)

    SKU: X015
    • Dimensions: 86 cm x 86 cm 

      Thickness: 1.4 cm 

      Colours: Navy, Royal Blue, Grey

      Material: Cotton, Fleece 

      Product Code: X015



      All pictures are taken by DesignForGood (DFG) unless stated otherwise.
      As each product is handmade, there might be variation in colour, pattern and material. 

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