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The Krafters are a team of 19 amazing individuals from SMILE Village in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Their families used to live in shanties made from sheets of metal surrounded by landfills, and made their living by combing through piles of trash.

After being relocated to SMILE Village, they learn, practise and develop handicraft skills for financial independence. Every purchase is a step closer to realise their dreams of having owning their home and land.



Craftsmen and craftswomen from SMILE Village, Cambodia

Pan Phearith,

Sewing Trainer

I am Pan. I want to teach my team members how to measure, cut and sew because I want them to have the skill to survive independently.

Kong Pov,

Rug Krafting Trainer

I am Kong. I want to stay home and grow vegetables in my land. I want to start my home-laundry business so that I can take care of my children at home.

Ben Srin,

Wood Krafting Leader

I am Ben. I want to get proper machine to train my people, and learn from professional trainers to improve my skill. I want to have my own house and land for me and my 8 children. 

Our new collections [Jeans For Change] and [M.A.D. School] are now available. Check them out today!

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