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How can we support the London Chinese Communitea?

Updated: May 21, 2021


“A true artist is not one who is inspired but one who inspires others.” says Dali.

For the last 40 years, the London Chinese Community Centre (LCCC) kept its doors open six days a week, providing a safe space for members to share meals, get advice as well as offering calligraphy and dim sum workshops, Mandarin and Cantonese language classes.

All to keep the Chinese culture alive. Because of the pandemic however, it’s at risk of permanent closure.

Thankfully there’s a community who doesn’t plan to take the news lying down.

55 artists from 14 countries have come together to be part of The Communitea Shop, an online tea-themed art platform to raise money and save the LCCC.

They will sell their unique prints and counter racial hatred, even if they weren’t directly victimised by anti-East and Southeast Asian hate.

Communitea Visual Identity by twomuch studio

“Our brief is simple; to draw upon one's ties to Chinese/ESEA culture,” Kenn Lam explained, one of the Communiteam members.

“Pushing the point that anyone can have a connection with these cultures and that consequently if an ESEA person is hurting, we all hurt.”

The hope is that the unifying power of an ancient Chinese ritual, tea, can bring people together and help drive conversations about the importance of Asian culture in all our lives. — roomfifty

“A lot of people see tea as a British thing, when in reality it’s about as Chinese as it gets.” said Conrad Haddaway, another Communiteam member.

“It’s a ritual of welcome and unitea (sorry) that we felt was a great tool for connecting people around the world. It’s been working well enough since 200BC!”

Scroll below to check out some of the breathtaking work by the artists; showcasing the beauty, creativity and wonder inspired by a humble bag of tea.

“I hope the art show will send out a positive reminder that there is still plenty to be inspired by,” Communitea member Geo Law concludes.

“And that many people around the world enjoy parts of Asian culture that have permeated all cultures, from food, music, fashion and film.”

The Communiteam:

Kenn Lam, Andreas Hansson, Thomas Hedger, Conrad Haddaway, Inga Ziemele, Lawrence Scanlon, Liza Gusarova, Twomuch Studio, Sherwin Teo.

List of contributing artists:

Sam Ailey, Ralph Akhigbe, Biff, Famida Begum, Butt Studio, Cabeza Patata, Cachetejack, Cha, Ed Cheverton, Muhammad Fatchurofi, Marylou Faure, Rob Flowers, Steven Fritters, Yuk Fun, Viktor Hachmang, Conrad Haddaway, Andreas Hansson, Hato, Thomas Hedger, Jinhwa Jang, Melissa Kitty Jarram, Loulou João, Kenn Lam, Geo Law, Sam Leung, Helen Li, Lunatic, Bárbara Malagoli, Charlene Man, Maïté Marque, Charlotte Mei, Joseph Melhuish, Murugiah, Yolande Mutale, Shian Ng, Simone Noronha, Omse, Darius Ou, Christine Peters, Kyle Platts, Debbie Poon, Wei Prior, Dominique Ramsey, Danielle Rhoda, Jack Sachs, Lawrence Scanlon, Alva Skog, Sam Taylor, Sherwin Teo, Jimmy Turrell, Twomuch.Studio, Bo Xu, Yarza Twins, Zipeng Zhu, Inga Ziemele.

Bo Xu - TEAdventure

Lawrence Scanlon - Hot Pot Magic

Cabeza Patata - Cha Time

Alva Skog - Ally

Geo Law - The Host

Sherwin Teo - Diao He

Shian Ng - Jie

Kenn Lam - Strength & Resilience

Lunatic - Communitea Bubble

Charlene Man - Never stop learning

Muhammad Fatchurofi - Humilitea

YUKFUN - Good Strong Brews


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