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How we can use Design For Good during Covid-19

Design should not be restricted to more financial gain only, but for the greater good. To have the ability to create is a blessing, but to use that ability to impact others is benevolence. Amid the covid-19 pandemic, many have been turning to design to spread positivity and that is what we call Design For Good.

Here are 5 companies/people that is using design for good:

1. Kinetic Singapore

A creative agency Kinetic Singapore has decided to put their creative skills into use by creating ‘Thank You’ posters to show appreciation to delivery workers who are working hard during this circuit breaker period. People who are interested to join this initiative can download posters that Kinetic Singapore have created, add their own designs, and paste them on their door.

Image credits: Kinetic Singapore

By using their strengths to show a token of thanks to the delivery riders, their posters have gained recognition among the public and many are hopping onto the initiative. Some parents even feedback that the posters were a good medium to keep their children occupied by getting them to colour them. Ever since they launched the website, it has been receiving more than 20,000 visitors and many people have also been tagging them on Instagram to show their own rendition of the posters.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, sometimes a touch of positivity in what we do can make tiding over this period easier.

The poster templates are available on the website:

2. Google

Google is known for changing their logo frequently with different artworks that celebrates notable events on its main search page. While most of us are staying at home to flatten the curve of covid-19 cases, there are still groups of people who still have to go to work to nurse the sick, keep us fed, and make sure that society still runs. To honor these heroes, Google released a series of Google Doodles featuring the different essential and frontline workers.

Daily, Google would update their logo to thank different groups of workers, ranging from doctors, grocery clerks, cleaners, transportation workers to delivery riders. Their animated doodles feature the letter “G” sending a heart to the letter “e” - which is themed according to the different groups of workers.

Image Credits: My Modern Met

By using their impactful platform and heartwarming graphics, Google made sure that their thanks were reached out to those that deserve it. 3. Instagram Instagram has launched stickers amid the covid-19 period to raise awareness to different causes. It started with the ‘Stay Home’ sticker which people and influencers use to encourage others to stay at home and practice social distancing to reduce transmission. Then, Instagram launched the ‘Thanks Health Heroes’ stickers to pay tribute to healthcare workers who are working day and night to help the sick.

Image Credits: Social Media Today

On 11th April, they launched a new initiative called the ‘Thank You Hour’ where people showcase different things they were grateful and appreciative for during this trying period. While these designs are simple, it provides users alternative ways to spread messages and create awareness. 4. Quinn Callander You might have known Quinn Callander, the Canadian boy scout who 3D printed ear guards for hospital personnel. He was even featured on Fast Company for his innovative design and compassionate heart. His idea came about when his local hospital went on the Internet to ask for a solution: Healthcare workers are suffering from ear pain after wearing masks for a long period of time. Callander jumped right on the project of creating a product to help these medical workers alleviate the pain. He prototyped several designs with his 3D printer before settling on a strap with notches that holds the mask’s elastics at the back of the wearer’s head.

Image credits: hebby2u

Not only did Callander solve the problem these medical staffs faced, he 3D printed dozens of such ear guards to donate. His compassion does not stop there, he even made his 3D design file available to the public so that more ear guards can be printed. The famous saying “not all heroes wear capes” definitely applies to Callander and his ingenious idea! 5. Ashley Lawrence Another selfless hero is Ashley Lawrence, a Kentucky college senior who thought of the difficulties the deaf and hard of hearing faced when wearing face masks. Lawrence, who studies the Education for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing at Eastern Kentucky University knew well that American Sign Language relies on facial expressions to convey their words and wearing a mask would make it difficult for them to communicate. Without a second thought, she went ahead to design a mask specially for them. It features a plastic window in front of the mouth area so that lip reading can still be done while protecting themselves. She is also looking into designing a mask for people with cochlear implants as wearing a regular mask would be difficult for them. The best part is that she is doing all of this for free!

Image credits: Ashley Lawrence

Her selfless act did not go unrecognised as people around the world are chipping in money to cover her expenses so that she can create more of such masks for those who need them.

These 5 companies and people show the beauty of design. We design for good; we design to honour, we design to create awareness, we design to help. If you want to put your creativity and talent into something good as well, we have a competition for you to join! Make The Change Design For Good Youth Competition advocates for a safer internet space and we want you to participate by creating an artwork that speaks for a better cyber world. Click here to learn more about our competition!


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